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Build it. They will come. We Promise.

Getting results on social media takes time. Typically, things are not going to happen over night. Building your audience, engaging them will take a couple months. Remember the word “social” in this equation. Social media should be treated as if it were a networking event, or reception. For example, if a stranger came up to you at a party and told you to buy a certain kind of toothpaste, would you do it? Likely not, but if you got to know the stranger, who after a few encounters became a friend, and then he suggested the toothpaste again, you would probably be more likely to hear why he wants you to buy this product, and trust him enough to follow his advice.

Before launching your campaign, assemble your team. If you don’t have a marketing or social media person in-house, hire a consultant or speak with your agency, and develop a strong social media marketing strategy that includes goals, target audiences. A solid plan with clear short- and long-term goals will help you stay on track and save time.


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  1. I must agree. I’m pretty social, so I think I’ve come to expect to have at least a few instant “friends” if I were to walk into a “new crowd”. Friends (or followers) on the internet seem to come around slowly at first, and then it ramps up. You make some great points and have some good strategy!

    | Reply Posted 8 years ago
  2. We at Sundawg Records feel its important to not just have the social networking marketing locked down for our campaigns, but that we utilize all of the”Multi Media” formats that are capable on these social sites; video, forums, music, motion graphics, ad banners, widgets, interactive information, and print promotion to direct people to your social network and other sites. We feel that branding the social sites as close as possible to our actual site is very profitable with regards to our online numbers. I love your articles I read them every morning now!

    Matty Steinkamp
    Sundawg Records

    | Reply Posted 8 years ago

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