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What are you waiting for?

In case you’ve still not added social media to your overall marketing campaign, here’s some information that should convince you to get on board.

According to a recent report by The Nielson Company, global customers spent more than 5.5 hours on social networks in December 2009, an 82 percent increase from the same time in 2008. Network leaders such as Facebook and Twitter accounted for the majority of growth increasing 200 percent and 368 percent, respectively.

And another more recent Nielson report shows that Facebook users spent an average of 7 hours on Facebook in January 2010, growing 10 percent in just one month.

As these numbers continue to rise, so does the motivation for marketers to not only join the social networks, but also strategically implement campaigns to engage their online customer base.

Brands – small and large – already are participating with these rapidly-growing online communities and reaping the benefits.  So, again, we ask you: What are you waiting for?


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