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Social Media Addiction

OK, so reading the Retrevo Gadgetology report did make me feel a little better about myself; that I wasn’t alone in this world. Possibly explaining why I am still single, here is how my social media bedtime routine goes:

  1. Check all Facebook and Twitter accounts for my clients and me
  2. Stalk a couple friends on Facebook
  3. Find something to fall asleep to on Hulu
  4. Jump in bed with iPhone, fall asleep
  5. Wake up at some point in the middle of the night and can’t fall asleep for an hour (EVERY NIGHT!)
  6. Turn on iPhone, check all social networks for clients and me. Retweet when possible (people post good stuff in the middle of the night), read Mashable or Perez until I fall back asleep
  7. Wake up at 8, check emails, Facebook and Twitter before getting out of bed, check news as I take the dogs on their morning walk.

According to the newly released study, 48 percent of people surveyed check/update Facebook or Twitter after they go to bed, 30 percent of that saying they check/update the social sites every time they wake up! And it doesn’t stop at night: 42 percent of social media users check/update Twitter and Facebook first thing in the morning. Sixteen percent of morning users said they get their morning news via social media (sorry, Matt Lauer).

The study also found that social media users check Facebook at least once a day and 12 percent check in every couple of hours!

And I guess all of us iPhone users are more social, too. But, like a good addict, I’ll blame someone else for my problems: Apple, you just make it too easy to be social!

Click here to learn more about the Gadgetology study.


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  1. * John Bottom says:

    Wow, BuzzRocket. And my wife gives me a hard time for a few minutes a day…

    | Reply Posted 8 years ago

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