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How America Spends Time Online

Are you still curious about how Americans are spending their time online? Well lucky you: Nielsen has just released a report answering just that question. A survey of 200,000 users reveals that Americans’ time spent on social networks accounts for the majority of their time spend online (22.7 percent), and is on the rise, up 43 percent from the same time last year. The research also indicated that Americans spend 36 percent of “their online time communicating and networking across social networks, blogs, personal email and instant messaging.

“Despite the almost unlimited nature of what you can do on the web, 40 percent of U.S. online time is spent on just three activities – social networking, playing games and emailing leaving a whole lot of other sectors fighting for a declining share of the online pie,” said Nielsen analyst Dave Martin.

One interesting finding was that online games account for more time online than personal email. (Email dropped from 11.5 percent of time to 8.3 percent.)

However, people are still checking their email; it’s just that they may be opting for their phones instead of laptops to do so. A Nielsen survey of mobile users showed that while there was a 28 percent rise in mobile social networking, email still reigns king accounting for 41.6 percent of U.S. mobile Internet time. To put it in other terms, if US mobile Internet time were condensed into one hour, email would account for 25 minutes of it.


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