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New Facebook Pages

We’ve upgraded all our Pages and love it. You? Today Facebook launched a new Pages redesign, which looks a lot like the revamped Profile pages that went live last December.

One of the main changes we love is the ability as an admin to be signed on as the page itself. This new feature allows admins to interact as the page. Admins logged in as the page will receive notifications when people interact with the page or posts.  You also will be able keep up with the other pages you’ve liked through a newsfeed just for your page.

According to Mashable, “The new features will give Pages more exposure by extending their reach on the platform and are likely to drive higher engagement through new notification features. For a breakdown of what the new design and feature changes mean, we’ve laid out the core implications below.”

And if you’re like us, managing several pages at once, while still have burning desire to creep your friend’s latest vacation pics, it’s super easy to jump back to your own profile and function as yourself.

The new Pages is available for trial until Facebook automatically switches over all Pages to the new design on March 10.

While we are loving the new Pages redesign, we could live without the new Photos function (Downgrade!).


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