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Dodge Avenger Ride & Drive

As many of you know, I was in New York last week to learn more about the 2011 Avenger, meet the amazing team behind it and drive the sporty evolution of Dodge’s peppy mid-size car. After meeting with Dodge CEO Ralph Gilles and hearing the genuine passion and excitement in his voice when he discussed the Avenger, I couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel.

I started off in the Lux model 4 cylinder, which had a lot of personality and was so quiet! I couldn’t get over how quiet it was. We drove out of the city (didn’t hit anyone!!!) and off to the rolling hills of Bedford, New York. The Avenger handled well and bounced just a bit from the extremely windy weather.

Of course I was on the ride with Kelly Ryan O’Brien and we were stereotypically into all the features that would appeal to a woman: mirrors, radio, finishes and nav. All were – as we fondly put it – DOPE!

I loved all the features, like satellite radio and bluetooth, which could all be controlled from the touch screen display and the steering wheel – good feature when Kelly started listening to some lame top 40 music. Too bad for the Dodge representative riding with us when we happened upon some 90s station playing Another Bad Creation. We blared Iesha out loud, singing it at the top of our lungs. Guess that was a good thing: we obviously felt completely at home in the Avenger.

On the way back, we took the V6, which drove oh so nicely and with 200 more lbs. under the hood, barely danced at all in the wind. I’m glad we started with the 4 cylinder: as fun as it was, it would have been hard to downgrade.

The interiors on both cars were all black, which is new to the 2011 line. I loved the French seam stitching. We were told the hard surfaces had been reengineered to be softer, like a pebble – love that comparison.

I really enjoyed the Avenger and was so thrilled to sitting in and driving an output of “New Detroit.” You can definitely feel the energy in the performance of this vehicle and see it in the sleeker design. Bravo to Gilles and his team. I’m definitely picking up what you’re putting down.

In accordance with the FTC Guidelines, We are disclosing that our time, travel and accommodations have been compensated by Chrysler Corp. for our participation in the Dodge Avenger Ride & Drive. Although we have a material connection to Chrysler Corp., any publicly stated opinions of Chrysler Corp. and their products remain our own.

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  1. * Surly says:

    Does Gillies make a ‘distressed’ Dodge Avenger? I like a little wear n’ tear right off the lot. Satellite, Bluetooth? WTF happened to 8-tracks and CBs?! I want some doobie in my funk.

    BTW, what’s with the Dodge NAZI color branding scheme?! Is that the new Detroit? What about the Agrarian Rising Rainbow Coalition? What is Dodge doing for the Doomed?

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago

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