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Are you Google ready? Tips on using social sites to optimize your SEO

There are many reasons for a brand to establish a presence on social networks: Customer Relations, Reputation Management, Engagement, and (what we consistently recommend to clients) to increase search engine optimization (SEO). This helpful blog Optimizing Social for SEO: A Three -Step Beginners Guide was recently posted on MediaPost. Here are their tactics that we found quite useful.

  • Claim your social profiles. It’s vital to grabbing your brand name across all social networks. Having a presence on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will instantly increase your visibility on Google by taking advantage of their SEO.
  • Connect your profiles. The blog suggests that after you have claimed all your profiles, to connect them on Google Profile through a few easy steps.
  1. Establish a Google company ID.
  2. Then fill out all the information you can on your Google Profile including all of your associate’s social media profiles.
  • Engage on social media. Follow others and engage with them across your social networks. “After you’ve told Google via the Google Profile what your social media profile IDs are, Google can then make the connection with who the followers of those profiles are — and thus connect them with the social circle.”
Those are just three beginners steps to getting you more Google ready. Check out the original post for more detailed information on how to increase your SEO.

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