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Google+, most vapid social network yet?

Sure we all use Facebook to check out ex boyfriends, look at our friends’ family vacation photos … be sort of creepy. But shallow? Not really. So what is this new Google+ ad suggesting?

In Google’s latest ad, we see Kyle add Lisa to his circle of one “Love of my Life,” to which she responds by adding him to her “Creeper” circle (not a good sign, pal). Lucky for Kyle, he’s loaded and Lisa is shallow. The more she sees he has, the more she upgrades him to better circles – “Guys with Cars” then “Skihouse” – on her Goggle+ page. Fortunately, Kyle’s impressive real estate portfolio eventually earns him a spot in her “Keeper” circle.

We’re hoping SNL mocks this ad. We’re envisioning Lisa and a guy named Keith, who lives in a studio apartment and doesn’t have a car because of some DUI.

By Gretchen Schneider, Principal, Interactive Marketing. Gretchen lives and breathes all things social media. Based in Los Angeles, she oversees the interactive division for treadsocial, working with brands and personalities to strategically market themselves in an integrated, engaging manner online. @gretawells

Klout! Why hath you forsaken me?

Is it possible I’m not as cool as I thought I was? Quite likely. But Klout: Why do you have to throw it in my face and announce it to the world? As most people know the social influence rating machine that is Klout revamped its algorithm in an effort to make user scores more accurate. Although, Klout CEO Joe Fernandez claims most people will be positively affected by the changes, I have to disagree. I have yet to meet anyone who has benefitted from the change.

Today, my score dropped yet again. I’m now down from 66 to 54 and officially joining #OccupyKlout. I’ve done everything in my power to raise the score. I’ve been retweeting, posting engaging content, talking to my tweeps more than ever. So what gives, Klout? How do I get in your good graces again? Should I even care?

This morning John Scalzi, guest columnist @CNNMoneyTech canceled his Klout account, and in a blog suggested the service to be “evil.” Why? Scalzi points out that no one really knows what algorithm Klout uses, therefore we have no clue what data they are pulling to create these arguably arbitrary scores. Furthermore, who made them God?

Scalzi goes on to point out that Klout just causes “status anxiety — to saddle you with a popularity ranking, and then make you feel insecure about it and whether you’ll lose that ranking unless you engage in certain activities that aren’t necessarily in your interest, but are in Klout’s.”

I’m still not convinced about the relevance of Klout and how much impact my increasingly mediocre will have on my online cred. I am not ready to cancel my account, but I am getting close. I’m definitely questioning the benefits for my clients and holding off on adding them to Klout for the time being. Anyone else jumping ship?

Our new favorite app: Oink!

BuzzRocket just caught wind of this new mobile app on Mashable this morning. The iTunes site says “Oink is an easy way to rate and rank the things around you. Instead of just rating places, you rate the items inside. You could easily find the most popular items on a menu and see if a friend has tried anything there. Then if there’s something you like, it’s just a single press to rate it and share it with friends.”

We love it because a) we LOVE food, and b) it combines all our favorite features from Yelp, AroundMe, Foodspotting, Klout and Instagram to make finding the best burger around a snap. The voting feature is simple, sharing is a breeze. And the more you rank dishes and cuisines, the more “cred” you earn. Of course, our team is already killing it in the coffee arena.

We love that once you get to a new restaurant, you can jump on Oink to see what the most popular items on the menu are. Always useful when dining at the newest hotspot.

Has anyone else signed up? Do you love it like we do?

Another dope tune called “Ohio.”

If you read this blog, you know I’m proud to be from the state of Ohio and have a wonderful collection of music about the Buckeye state. Justice‘s new album Audio, Video, Disco dropped yesterday and I’m pleased to report I can add one of their tracks to my Ohio mixtape.

This album is pretty amazing, by the way. Check it out on Spotify.


Google + for Brands

A hundred days after Google + gave brands the boot, they are welcoming businesses back with open arms. Today Google launched Google + Pages, allowing brands to establish their own pages to market their goods and services to its 40 million users. While Facebook boasts more than 700 million users, brands may be reaching a more captive, less saturated audience on Google +. Unlike Facebook, Google + Pages can add users to their circles, but only if the user adds the page first.

I just set up our company page (add treadsocial to your Circle … you won’t regret) and it was just like setting up a regular Google + profile. The only things I found confusing were:

  1. 1. Switching between my Profile and the company Page.
  2. Managing photos is terrible.
  3. I’m unclear as to whether or not you can create a branded url.

Should be interesting to see how this all pans out. Personally, I love Google +, but the thought of managing yet another page for another brand is giving me a headache. How do you think Google + Pages will impact brands online?

Bon Anniversaire Marie Curie!

We’ve been crazy busy and neglected poor old BuzzRocket, but we’re back and wanted to celebrate by once again posting about another incredible Google Doodle – yeah, we’re still obsessed. This one is about Madame Marie Curie, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize and the first female scientist to get a Doodle. Go, girl. Happy 144th!

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