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10 ways to be more interesting on Twitter

Great post from our friend Ciaoenrico on tips to be more engaging on Twitter. To us, this isn’t groundbreaking news, but we know how little people know out there and see users screwing up their Twitter every day.  Use these rules to make the most of your 140 characters: you will be amazed how your numbers grow and people start engaging.

Please watch. 10 ways to be more interesting on Twitter.

Happy Birthday Twitter!

“A Better Twitter”

Sadly, I’m not one of the lucky people with access to the dramatically revamped Twitter, but boy do I feel like a kid before Christmas. I truly cannot wait.

Twitter has announced “A Better Twitter,” the biggest change to its interface in a long time … years.  Leaving its comfort zone of 140 characters, the newly re-engineered Twitter will be providing “an easier, faster and richer experience.”

Lucky us! This means several tantalizing features, including new design with a cleaner timeline and a right-hand side bar, where tweets you click on open and can be seen with images, video and more. New Twitter will support embedded images and videos thanks to partnerships with Dailybooth, DeviantArt, Etsy, Flickr,, Kickstarter, Kiva, Photozou, Plixi, Twitgoo, TwitPic, Twitvid, USTREAM, Vimeo, Yfrog and YouTube.

Also cool? Discover-related content. Soon (if not now), when you click on a tweet, additional info related to the author or subject appears.

These new changes, slated to roll out over the next several weeks, are going to mean incredible things for brands on Twitter. For years, Facebook has reigned supreme in social media marketing. Aside from boasting more than 500 million users (Twitter has just under 150 million users), Facebook has allowed users to post pictures, video, notes and events, whereas Twitter has just offered links to such things.

Now, brands on Twitter will be able to offer more engaging messages, with embedded images and video. In short, brands will be able to tell their stories with more encompassing content.

It will be interesting to see if Twitter’s new offerings attract even more users. It also will be exciting to see how marketers use the new features to interact with consumers, and which of them are successful. Already our heads are spinning. Yours?

Brands Insignificant on Twitter, But They Don’t Have to Be

AdAge recently ran a story titled “Study: Most Brands Still Irrelevant on Twitter,” which covered the latest report from digital marketing agency 360i. For brands and marketers, some of 360i’s findings could be, well, scary. According to the report, an astounding 94 percent of tweets analyzed were personal updates – conversations between friends, information about what users are doing: “drinking a skinny latte @Starbucks!” And 360i’s findings show that more than 90 percent of tweets come from consumers, of that only 12 percent of consumer brands mention a brand.

While this news could be frightening to all the marketers out there who spend countless hours blasting out branded tweets to no avail, this should be seen as an opportunity.

The study also shows that 92 percent of users have unprotected accounts, which makes their profiles and tweets public, allowing anyone to monitor their conversations. A marketers dream.

The study also finds that Twitter is a conversational platform with more than 40 percent of all tweets starting with @, meaning they are directed at someone. Marketers are still talking TO people and not WITH people. Twitter reports more than 100 users that log 65 million tweets a day. 360i points out that Twitter reports 190 million site visitors per month, showing that an enormous amount of people are coming to Twitter to read content, and not conversing.

As BuzzRocket wrote in a previous blog, keep the “social” in social media. A significant factor in running a successful social media campaign is to keep your online activities very conversational.

360i summed it up nicely in their report, “The real value for marketers who participate in Twitter is in creating an ongoing dialogue with consumers that enables brands to become a more meaningful part of people’s everyday lives.”

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