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I’m a Mac.

We really are different! Not like we needed an infographic to prove it, but this very cool one from maps it all out for us. Based off a recent Hunch study, the infographich shows that us Mac users account for less than 11 percent of the world market share. Mac users tend to be younger, more liberal, urban and like to be seen as different (no surprises here). What else about did Hunch find out about Mac users?

  • We like to party. Mac users are 50 percent more likely to throw a party than a PC user.
  • We suck at math. PC users are 38 percent more likely than Mac users to be able to solve an equation (but we’re better at conjugating verbs, so take that).
  • We’re sophisticated kind of pretentious. Preferring a Vespa to a Harley. Pellegrino to Pepsi. Shwarma to a Patty Melt.
  • We consider ourselves early adopters. – Think those insanely long lines for the iPad 2.

What are you? A Mac or PC?

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