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I’m going through changes …

I feel like much of Facebook’s more than 750 million users are singing Black Sabbath’s classic ballad today. Not since bin Laden was killed have I seen a single image posted on Facebook so frequently. This time a lot less political and a lot less serious … this greeting.

As everyone knows, Facebook made a total overhaul of its features, settings and functionality this week. Users now have to select which “stories” they want to see in their feeds, sort out their friends into categories (forcing me to come to grips with the fact that of the 956 Facebook friends I have, I would only consider less than ten to be “Close Friends” and the rest, depressingly, “Acquaintances”). This is all meant to enhance the user experience, make us choose the news we want to see and share. I’m kind of enjoying the lifting of whatever algorithm they had on my account (I realize I could lift it myself, but I’m lazy like that). I’m finally seeing what all my friends – close and acquaintance alike – are doing via my feed, or through the ticker feature in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

I’m also seeing brands’ posts again. All the brands I have “liked” over the course of my four years on Facebook. And as someone who represents brands on Facebook, I’m happy to know others are experiencing the same. I am, however, curious about what will happen once users get over the initial shock of all the Facebook changes and start organizing their “stories” – btw, stories??? Facebook, you’re making me sound like an elderly redneck woman talking about her soaps … I digress.

As much of an uproar Facebook has caused today with its new bells and whistles, guess what? It’s not over yet. Expect more announcements (i.e. changes) tomorrow as Facebook rolls out more music and entertainment sharing features at the f8 conference.

I love you Facebook, but please, slow your roll. Let us breathe, take in, and enjoy your new features before your next massive transformation.

Until then, sing it with me “friends”  …

By Gretchen Schneider, Principal, Interactive Marketing at treadsocial. Gretchen lives and breathes all things social media. Based in Los Angeles, she oversees the interactive division for treadsocial, working with brands and personalities to strategically market themselves in an integrated, engaging manner online.

My latest someecard

When I’m bored, I do things like start weird blogs, or write someecards. Today I created this one for sudden vegan Kelly Ryan O’Brien of Idols and Egos fame. I’m glad she waited until she moved back to Chicago to adopt this lifestyle. Makes her departure much less painful. I encourage you fellow foodies to care enough to hit send.

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