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Happy Birthday, Bob Ross!

Best Google Doodle ever.


Before I became an obscure blogger and show business peon, I was an aspiring academic. I have a B.S. in Cognitive Psychology and have studied many statistical and data modeling techniques for dealing with large multivariate data sets.  I’ve tried to stay fresh in these skills over the years.

As such, I’ve been following the election polls closely.  And playing around a bit with some of the polling data; looking into the methods and models of the various polling outlets.  I’ve discovered a pattern in a few battleground state polls, particularly Ohio, which I can’t find anyone else noticing, at least anyone you can google.  Pollsters are almost uniformly under-weighing a couple unsung but key variables in “likely voter” data.  In my opinion, the correctly weighted model points to a clearer Barack Obama electoral victory than anyone in politics or the media anticipates.  To explain what I mean, look at…

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Good to know!


Ever seen ‘MT’ in the initial position of someone’s tweet and thought: ‘is that a typo?’

Actually no, it isn’t.

Rather, it is a signifier of the fact that the poster has kindly added a little value of their own to the tweet in republishing it by modifying it.

MT‘ means ‘modified tweet‘.

‘Why would you want to modify a tweet?’ you may not unreasonably ask.

As it happens, there are a plethora of reasons why an admiring user may wish to tweak the content of a tweet in order to boost the value it delivers whilst still ensuring a respectful attribution to the original poster.

These could include:

  • Changing a hashtag in order to share the content with another Twitter chat community
  • Indicating that you have added (or perhaps deleted) an element of the tweet, usually indicated by placing the altered element in [square brackets]…

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CNN Political Ticker

Washington (CNN) – Saturday’s debate between conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly and liberal funnyman Jon Stewart was nothing like the televised presidential debates: After all, the prize for winning was a wrestling belt.

But nonetheless, the two television personalities stood behind lecterns and took their chances at questions from the moderator and audience.

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L’Oreal Social Media Chief Rachel Weiss

L’Oreal Social Media Chief Rachel Weiss Tells Us Why She’s Bored Of Pinterest

Jade Dreaming – New Buick Regal Test Drive – Part 1


I don’t have to write about this. It’s not an official Ride & Drive. It’s not a Klout Perk. I’m not a Brand Ambassador for General Motors. But GM is being kind enough to lend me a new Buick Regal for a week, and I cannot wait.

I realize people think this is crazy. Why would a woman under the age of 75 be excited about driving a Buick Regal. Well, you see, the Regal has a soft spot in my heart. I inherited one after my beloved grandfather passed away. It was his final car, the least offensive in a long line of vehicular atrocities – Buick Skylark, Renault R16, Renault R8, Dodge Coronet, Dodge Lancer, Dodge Custom Royal Lancer.

My Buick Regal was dubbed “The Jade Dream,” because of its color and less-than-stellar design. In fact, it’s still a running family joke and to this day send each other pictures of jade Regals when we spot them in the wild out on the road.

I hated my Regal car so much that I would park blocks away from my destination so no one would see me driving it.  Valet parking? Forget about it. For two years, the “Jade Dream” was the bane of my existence. When it finally started having mechanical issues, I returned to my Volkswagen roots and bought a new Jetta. But I digress …

My love for Detroit and the renaissance of the American auto industry is well documented. While I did a Ride & Drive for Dodge, I’ve kept a watchful eye on the Buick, admiring its evolution.

So it was with great enthusiasm that I met Dave Barthmuss, group manager, Western region and environment, energy and policy communications at General Motors at a Social Media Advertising Consortium (SMAC) event in Los Angeles. He discussed GM’s initiatives to get people behind the wheel of their new fleet of vehicles. Eager to change my opinion, Dave offered to get me behind the wheel of a Regal for a week. (This could be the best or worst marketing strategy ever – I suspect the former.)

So, I sit here anxiously awaiting its arrival and will be driving the car up the coast to meet my dad – a total car fanatic – in Paso Robles for a little tour de force.

By Gretchen Schneider, Principal, Interactive Marketing. Gretchen lives and breathes all things social media. Based in Los Angeles, she oversees the interactive division at treadsocial, working with brands and personalities to strategically market themselves in an integrated, engaging manner online.

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