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My latest someecard

When I’m bored, I do things like start weird blogs, or write someecards. Today I created this one for sudden vegan Kelly Ryan O’Brien of Idols and Egos fame. I’m glad she waited until she moved back to Chicago to adopt this lifestyle. Makes her departure much less painful. I encourage you fellow foodies to care enough to hit send.

RIP Empire Carpet Man

Chicago blogger Kelly Ryan O’Brien alerted me to some sad news this morning (she’s good like that, yo). Empire Carpet spokesman Elmer Lynn Hauldren passed away on Tuesday from natural causes at his home in the Windy City. I feel like the farther west I’ve moved, the more inundated I’ve been with Empire’s ads featuring Hauldren’s syrupy voice, which grabs my attention every time.

Kelly found many fun facts about Hauldren, including: In 1994, Pearl Jam belted out the jingle (you know it: “call five eight eight-two three hundred, Empiiiiiiire!) at a Chicago concert. More fun facts at Idols and Egos.

New favorite show?

Thank goodness this new Denny’s campaign Always Open with David Koechner is less than three minutes long because I have no time for another show. But I’m loving this one. The latest installment of this YouTube series features Will Arnett joining David Koechner at Denny’s. It’s quite a revealing chat. I love anything Will Arnett does. And Idols and Egos creator Kelly Ryan O’Brien and I had the pleasure of meeting David Koechner last month at Bar Lubitsch. He’s a super funny and cool guy. Hearts all around. Now I want a Grand Slam. Damn.

Grammar lessons

We’ll take a compliment anyway we can get it. Today’s installment comes from Chicago blogger Kelly Ryan O’brien via her new (quite cool) blog Idols and Egos, calling our own Gretchen Schneider a “Grammar Nazi” and “bitchy.” Please: We’ve heard worse.

We’ve written a few blogs about business writing and grammar. Perhaps it’s time for a refresher course.

It’s our job. We worship the Associated Press Stylebook like it’s the second coming of Christ. We are, after all, the nerds behind your words.

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