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foursquare secures your check-ins

Following the lead of most major social networking sites, foursquare is now using https across all its websites. In layman’s terms, as they put it on a Twitter post, “For non-nerds: this means foursquare is even more secure.”

Recently Facebook and Twitter also have announced using https, which encrypts your information so that people cannot access it, even in insecure locations like wifi hotspots. We hope this will encourage more activity on foursquare, which is the most fun, especially with its recent iPhone and iPad app overhaul. Points, badges, deals. We can’t get enough.

Hip Hop Pee Wee

Yes! Loving these Pee Wee’s Playhouse remixes. Thank you, Brian Ellis! We feel like a kid on Saturday morning, in our jammies and all.

Hey, we all know Pee Wee is hip, but did you know he has an iPad? Check it.

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