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I’m going through changes …

I feel like much of Facebook’s more than 750 million users are singing Black Sabbath’s classic ballad today. Not since bin Laden was killed have I seen a single image posted on Facebook so frequently. This time a lot less political and a lot less serious … this greeting.

As everyone knows, Facebook made a total overhaul of its features, settings and functionality this week. Users now have to select which “stories” they want to see in their feeds, sort out their friends into categories (forcing me to come to grips with the fact that of the 956 Facebook friends I have, I would only consider less than ten to be “Close Friends” and the rest, depressingly, “Acquaintances”). This is all meant to enhance the user experience, make us choose the news we want to see and share. I’m kind of enjoying the lifting of whatever algorithm they had on my account (I realize I could lift it myself, but I’m lazy like that). I’m finally seeing what all my friends – close and acquaintance alike – are doing via my feed, or through the ticker feature in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

I’m also seeing brands’ posts again. All the brands I have “liked” over the course of my four years on Facebook. And as someone who represents brands on Facebook, I’m happy to know others are experiencing the same. I am, however, curious about what will happen once users get over the initial shock of all the Facebook changes and start organizing their “stories” – btw, stories??? Facebook, you’re making me sound like an elderly redneck woman talking about her soaps … I digress.

As much of an uproar Facebook has caused today with its new bells and whistles, guess what? It’s not over yet. Expect more announcements (i.e. changes) tomorrow as Facebook rolls out more music and entertainment sharing features at the f8 conference.

I love you Facebook, but please, slow your roll. Let us breathe, take in, and enjoy your new features before your next massive transformation.

Until then, sing it with me “friends”  …

By Gretchen Schneider, Principal, Interactive Marketing at treadsocial. Gretchen lives and breathes all things social media. Based in Los Angeles, she oversees the interactive division for treadsocial, working with brands and personalities to strategically market themselves in an integrated, engaging manner online.

Social Media Week LA #SMWLA

Social Media Week Los Angeles (SMWLA) is part of an international, multi-city event “connecting people, content and conversations around emerging trends in social and mobile media.” SMWLA kicked off this morning with a welcome from Michael Terpin, city host of SMWLA, and founder/CEO of SocialRadius followed by  a keynote address from Robert Tercek, President, General Creativity and host, THIS WEEK IN MEDIA.

Tercek offered a great overview on social media’s impact on all of our lives, whether you have a Facebook account or not. It’s true. How we receive, process and delivered information has been completely revolutionized by social networks.

I, for one, am looking forward to hitting several events all week and getting actual FACE-TO-FACE time with like-minded people! I’m also hoping to be inspired and learn more, more, more.

Click here for the schedule of events. If you aren’t located in one of the hosts cities, no worries. You can stream the sessions from your computer.

And stay tuned for more updates from BuzzRocket!

Nerd Alert!

As if today – National Star Wars Day – wasn’t nerdy enough, I caught this Geek Zodiak via Guy Kawasaki‘s Twitter. It was accurate for me: Super Hero. I mean, I lived in my Wonder Woman Underoos when I was a kid, and as I stated earlier, “I’m a Mac,” which according to that infographic, means I can be condescending.

May the Fourth be with you.

New blog: That’s One Dope Ass Canadian Tuxedo

I’m quirky and have a major addiction to starting cultural, viral blogs – think Since Jesus seems to have stopped doing his thing around Los Angeles, I needed to fill that creative, idiosyncratic void. Enter That’s One Dope Ass Canadian Tuxedo – denim on denim, folks.

For those of you who don’t know the Canadian Tuxedo, the Urban Dictionary defines it as, “An outfit consisting of a denim jacket and demin jeans. To spice up the outfit a button down demin shirt may be worn.”

I’m not scared to wear denim head to toe and this site is about celebrating it.

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RIP Empire Carpet Man

Chicago blogger Kelly Ryan O’Brien alerted me to some sad news this morning (she’s good like that, yo). Empire Carpet spokesman Elmer Lynn Hauldren passed away on Tuesday from natural causes at his home in the Windy City. I feel like the farther west I’ve moved, the more inundated I’ve been with Empire’s ads featuring Hauldren’s syrupy voice, which grabs my attention every time.

Kelly found many fun facts about Hauldren, including: In 1994, Pearl Jam belted out the jingle (you know it: “call five eight eight-two three hundred, Empiiiiiiire!) at a Chicago concert. More fun facts at Idols and Egos.

Jack Daniel’s King Bee

We’re loving this new ad Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey debuted on Facebook today. We haven’t tried the new spirit yet, but this ad is speaking to us: Jack, The Black Keys, honey. It’s all deadly.

Advertising Agency: Arnold Worldwide, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Group Creative Director: Wade Devers
Art Directors: Jeremy Boland, Wade Devers, Allie Hughes
Copywriter: Peter Hughes
Agency Producers: Billy Near, Bill Goodell, Ben Ouellette
Group Account Director: Paul Nelson
Account Director: Nate Stewart
Account Manager: Shannon Coletti

Facebook Fan Page Engagement

Visibli recently posted an interesting study, which analyzed more than 200 million Facebook Fans to determine the engagement habits of three different fan types: artist, brand and media.

One thing we as marketers often struggle with is how often to post. The Visibli study shows that posts get 50 percent of their “Likes” within the first hour and 20 minutes. Sixty percent are accounted for after 2 hours and 15 minutes. We have seen brands that post too often lose fans, which is not the case for artists. People want to connect with another person. It’s less invasive. While brands don’t get as much love as an actual person, these numbers show that posts on Facebook are more resilient than those on Twitter.

They had some rather surprising findings. First was that Audi USA had more fan engagement than social media superstars Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga! Visibli found that for every post Audi made, there were more than 225 “Likes” per 100,000 fans. Bieber came in second with more than 180 “Likes” per 100,000 fans.

The study also found that for artists, as their fan numbers grew, so did the engagement, which was not the case for media and brands.

Click here to check out the full report. It’s a pretty interesting read.

Facebook Deals

Today’s the big day if you’re in one of the five cities Facebook Deals has launched! Yesterday Facebook announced its new Deals feature would be available today in San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta and San Diego. Deals is Facebook’s answer to the online coupon and functions much like Groupon. Facebook users will now buy a Deal for a good or service at a deeply discounted rate and receive a coupon for use at a later time. Facebook users can purchase Deals with major credit cards and Facebook Credits. Look out Groupon!

Has anyone seen Deals yet? We would love a screen shot!

Happy Birthday John James Audubon!

This could be the prettiest Google Doodle yet. In honor of French-American ornithologist John James Audubon‘s birthday, Google Doodle has put out this lovely Google logo … just in time for Spring.

New Avenger. New Attitude.

Gretchen Schneider, Ralph Gilles and Kelly Ryan OBrien

I’ve written a lot about Detroit and its rebranding efforts, which are being most overtly seen and heard from the auto industry. It’s an exciting time in “New” Detroit. I had the honor of sitting down with Dodge Brand CEO Ralph Gilles today at the New York International Auto Show to discuss the revamped Avenger coming out of a revamped Dodge from a revamped Detroit.

“Why can’t value be cool at the same time?” Gilles asks. And the new Avenger is both. Starting at $19,245, the sporty four door has a sleeker design, beefier 18″ aluminum wheels, V6 and boasts a more confident look, reflecting the rising confidence of the Motor City.

“Detroit’s probably known for trucks and large SUVs and there’s been a resurgence in the car world,” Gilles explains. Adding that the new Avenger is like “having your cake and eat it, too. When I’m talking about a 29 mile per gallon car with 283 horsepower. Wow is that possible? Yes it is.”

There is a genuine excitement when Gilles discusses the “rebranding” and new voice of the auto industry in Detroit.

“As we go forward, I want Detroit and the American auto makers to be known for [power and efficiency]. Let’s not ever give up on the fun of it, but let’s give you the efficiency you’re looking for and that flexibility. So that rebranding to me is don’t just misunderstand us as just doing trucks. We do a lot of other things.”

And Detroit is pumping out more than just bolder cars. The flood of new talent from abroad and the coasts combined with the existing pool of creatives is making the city a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship. “There’s an attitude of excellence,” Gilles says. “There’s a creative class that’s always been there and we’ve kind of been overlooked and it’s starting to come through in the products we dot: the art, the music.

“There’s a budding creative class that just needed to be discovered. We’re starting to get a lot of young people interested in Detroit again. We’re hiring. So that’s intoxicating to watch.”

It is indeed. When we told Gilles we were driving the new Avenger tomorrow, he winced and said, “I’m jealous.” I love that passion and cannot wait to test out the result of it.

In accordance with the FTC Guidelines, We are disclosing that our time, travel and accommodations have been compensated by Chrysler Corp. for our participation in the Dodge Avenger Ride & Drive. Although we have a material connection to Chrysler Corp., any publicly stated opinions of Chrysler Corp. and their products remain our own.

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