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Google+, most vapid social network yet?

Sure we all use Facebook to check out ex boyfriends, look at our friends’ family vacation photos … be sort of creepy. But shallow? Not really. So what is this new Google+ ad suggesting?

In Google’s latest ad, we see Kyle add Lisa to his circle of one “Love of my Life,” to which she responds by adding him to her “Creeper” circle (not a good sign, pal). Lucky for Kyle, he’s loaded and Lisa is shallow. The more she sees he has, the more she upgrades him to better circles – “Guys with Cars” then “Skihouse” – on her Goggle+ page. Fortunately, Kyle’s impressive real estate portfolio eventually earns him a spot in her “Keeper” circle.

We’re hoping SNL mocks this ad. We’re envisioning Lisa and a guy named Keith, who lives in a studio apartment and doesn’t have a car because of some DUI.

By Gretchen Schneider, Principal, Interactive Marketing. Gretchen lives and breathes all things social media. Based in Los Angeles, she oversees the interactive division for treadsocial, working with brands and personalities to strategically market themselves in an integrated, engaging manner online. @gretawells

Lose Yourself in the Motor City

I love music. And despite growing up in Columbus, Ohio, and being taught from birth to hate our neighbor to the north, I love Detroit. Even in its current depressed state, that city has more soul than most places I’ve been to in my life. I love the music, the history, the houses, the culture … most of the people. Even the coney dogs are worth noting.

So it came as no surprise that my favorite Super Bowl ad this year was the Chrysler 200 ad highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly of Detroit, with Eminem‘s Lose Yourself as its powerful score. It’s a bad ass commercial with a bad ass narrative. This ad would make even the most die hard Buckeye give Michigan a nod for being home to the Motor City, a place that has been “to hell and back,” and yet still seems determined to persevere.

And just who is behind this masterpiece? A lot of people, but we can start at the top with Olivier François, president and CEO of Chrysler Brand. Yesterday AdAge ran a wonderful profile of the daring, sharp-minded, Detroit-obsessed Frenchman. According to the article, the idea of featuring Detroit, its heritage and history, was not a new idea at Chrysler, but it took a gambling man like François to give it the go ahead.

I love this ad and the impact François has had on Chrysler’s marketing efforts. I can’t wait to see what’s next for both Chrysler and the Motor City.

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