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More iPhone 4 Love

If it wasn’t obvious from a previous BuzzRocket post, iPhone 4 Challenge at TEDx, I love the iPhone 4, which has proved itself again today at a Writers Boot Camp Business Breakfast session, featuring Shira Lazar, an EMMY nominated TV and Web Personality who continues to bridge the gap between traditional and new media and be a prominent leader and voice for the digital age.

The moderator, Jeffrey Gordon, politely reminded the crowd to turn off their phones before the session started. Lazar quickly interrupted, saying, No! Leave them on. Tweet about this. I want you to tweet.” A girl after my own heart.



I quickly pulled up my Evernote app and started voice recording the Q&A, then popped over to Hootsuite to start tweeting realtime updates about the event. I was able to multitask and jump from app to app, updating, documenting all without a hitch.



I realize that many people, like my mother, use the iPhone to check email, take pictures, text and, yes, make the occasional phone call. But when you take advantage off all its capabilities, it truly is an invaluable tool that I’m very proud to have – even in LA, the land of dropped AT&T calls.

New Evernote for iPhone

Who’s upgraded? Evernote (one of our all-time favorite Mac and iPhone apps) announced today its biggest iPhone and iPod Touch interface update ever.

Updates include new viewing options:

  • Snippet view, an intelligent note list what shows more useful content.
  • Image view – for all our fellow visual people – this allows you to to browse all the images contained in your notes.
  • Attachment view, which allows you to browse through all the attachments in your notes.

Also included in the upgrade are faster and easier ways to create your notes. You can now attach multiple images and recordings to a single note. You can now add texts and images while recording, which is excellent because you can now create 90-minute audio notes.

Other improvements have been made to better your ability to find your notes.

We just took it for a test drive and love it. Have you?

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