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New blog: That’s One Dope Ass Canadian Tuxedo

I’m quirky and have a major addiction to starting cultural, viral blogs – think Since Jesus seems to have stopped doing his thing around Los Angeles, I needed to fill that creative, idiosyncratic void. Enter That’s One Dope Ass Canadian Tuxedo – denim on denim, folks.

For those of you who don’t know the Canadian Tuxedo, the Urban Dictionary defines it as, “An outfit consisting of a denim jacket and demin jeans. To spice up the outfit a button down demin shirt may be worn.”

I’m not scared to wear denim head to toe and this site is about celebrating it.

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Friday Music: RJD2

For your Friday listening pleasure, enjoy another export from Ohio (my hometown of Columbus to be exact).

RJD2 is here performing “Let There Be Horns” at The Rave in Milwaukee. This show in its entirety (video and audio) is available on iTunes.

I’m a Mac.

We really are different! Not like we needed an infographic to prove it, but this very cool one from maps it all out for us. Based off a recent Hunch study, the infographich shows that us Mac users account for less than 11 percent of the world market share. Mac users tend to be younger, more liberal, urban and like to be seen as different (no surprises here). What else about did Hunch find out about Mac users?

  • We like to party. Mac users are 50 percent more likely to throw a party than a PC user.
  • We suck at math. PC users are 38 percent more likely than Mac users to be able to solve an equation (but we’re better at conjugating verbs, so take that).
  • We’re sophisticated kind of pretentious. Preferring a Vespa to a Harley. Pellegrino to Pepsi. Shwarma to a Patty Melt.
  • We consider ourselves early adopters. – Think those insanely long lines for the iPad 2.

What are you? A Mac or PC?

RIP Empire Carpet Man

Chicago blogger Kelly Ryan O’Brien alerted me to some sad news this morning (she’s good like that, yo). Empire Carpet spokesman Elmer Lynn Hauldren passed away on Tuesday from natural causes at his home in the Windy City. I feel like the farther west I’ve moved, the more inundated I’ve been with Empire’s ads featuring Hauldren’s syrupy voice, which grabs my attention every time.

Kelly found many fun facts about Hauldren, including: In 1994, Pearl Jam belted out the jingle (you know it: “call five eight eight-two three hundred, Empiiiiiiire!) at a Chicago concert. More fun facts at Idols and Egos.

Jack Daniel’s King Bee

We’re loving this new ad Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey debuted on Facebook today. We haven’t tried the new spirit yet, but this ad is speaking to us: Jack, The Black Keys, honey. It’s all deadly.

Advertising Agency: Arnold Worldwide, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Group Creative Director: Wade Devers
Art Directors: Jeremy Boland, Wade Devers, Allie Hughes
Copywriter: Peter Hughes
Agency Producers: Billy Near, Bill Goodell, Ben Ouellette
Group Account Director: Paul Nelson
Account Director: Nate Stewart
Account Manager: Shannon Coletti

Dodge Avenger Ride & Drive

As many of you know, I was in New York last week to learn more about the 2011 Avenger, meet the amazing team behind it and drive the sporty evolution of Dodge’s peppy mid-size car. After meeting with Dodge CEO Ralph Gilles and hearing the genuine passion and excitement in his voice when he discussed the Avenger, I couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel.

I started off in the Lux model 4 cylinder, which had a lot of personality and was so quiet! I couldn’t get over how quiet it was. We drove out of the city (didn’t hit anyone!!!) and off to the rolling hills of Bedford, New York. The Avenger handled well and bounced just a bit from the extremely windy weather.

Of course I was on the ride with Kelly Ryan O’Brien and we were stereotypically into all the features that would appeal to a woman: mirrors, radio, finishes and nav. All were – as we fondly put it – DOPE!

I loved all the features, like satellite radio and bluetooth, which could all be controlled from the touch screen display and the steering wheel – good feature when Kelly started listening to some lame top 40 music. Too bad for the Dodge representative riding with us when we happened upon some 90s station playing Another Bad Creation. We blared Iesha out loud, singing it at the top of our lungs. Guess that was a good thing: we obviously felt completely at home in the Avenger.

On the way back, we took the V6, which drove oh so nicely and with 200 more lbs. under the hood, barely danced at all in the wind. I’m glad we started with the 4 cylinder: as fun as it was, it would have been hard to downgrade.

The interiors on both cars were all black, which is new to the 2011 line. I loved the French seam stitching. We were told the hard surfaces had been reengineered to be softer, like a pebble – love that comparison.

I really enjoyed the Avenger and was so thrilled to sitting in and driving an output of “New Detroit.” You can definitely feel the energy in the performance of this vehicle and see it in the sleeker design. Bravo to Gilles and his team. I’m definitely picking up what you’re putting down.

In accordance with the FTC Guidelines, We are disclosing that our time, travel and accommodations have been compensated by Chrysler Corp. for our participation in the Dodge Avenger Ride & Drive. Although we have a material connection to Chrysler Corp., any publicly stated opinions of Chrysler Corp. and their products remain our own.

White iPhone 4 in the house!

Coming to you this Thursday …

Hootsuite makes good

Many of you out there felt the pain of the massive Hootsuite outage, which left its users without service for more than 15 hours last Thursday. We manage a lot of accounts and can only do so by using a service like Hootsuite, which allows you to monitor and publish countless accounts to Facecbook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, WordPress and more from their social media management website and mobile app. For people like us: it’s a godsend.

So it was a welcome surprise yesterday that Hootsuite, a service from which 1 million updates a day are posted, sent out an apology email to its Pro and Enterprise users for the outage. According to the email, “Our Terms of Service to our users outlines that we’ll provide refunds after a 24 hour outage. While this incident was significantly less, we acknowledge users were inconvenienced and we want to make things right. With this in mind, we are offering a credit for HootSuite’s Social Analytics.”

So now we have 50 credits (worth $50), which will  be applied to our analytic reports. The best thing is that now we finally know how much a credit costs, which has been a question since Hootsuite launched their new, user unfriendly analytics back in March. We love the analytic information, but the reports can be pricy and each form cannot be used again. But clients seem to be dazzled by the colorful graphs offered on the free analytic template, so maybe we’re just being snobby. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Facebook Fan Page Engagement

Visibli recently posted an interesting study, which analyzed more than 200 million Facebook Fans to determine the engagement habits of three different fan types: artist, brand and media.

One thing we as marketers often struggle with is how often to post. The Visibli study shows that posts get 50 percent of their “Likes” within the first hour and 20 minutes. Sixty percent are accounted for after 2 hours and 15 minutes. We have seen brands that post too often lose fans, which is not the case for artists. People want to connect with another person. It’s less invasive. While brands don’t get as much love as an actual person, these numbers show that posts on Facebook are more resilient than those on Twitter.

They had some rather surprising findings. First was that Audi USA had more fan engagement than social media superstars Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga! Visibli found that for every post Audi made, there were more than 225 “Likes” per 100,000 fans. Bieber came in second with more than 180 “Likes” per 100,000 fans.

The study also found that for artists, as their fan numbers grew, so did the engagement, which was not the case for media and brands.

Click here to check out the full report. It’s a pretty interesting read.

Jersey Shore “Gone Wilde”

Brilliant. We smell a viral video!

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