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Younicorn: Most hilarious app ever?

OMG. My friend just introduced me to Younicorn, quite possibly the most magical iPhone app on the planet. Younicorn is an app that allows you to transform yourself into a unicorn! There are several background image options. I couldn’t resist the kitty, and have never laughed so hard. For $0.99 you can be a unicorn, too.

Nutricia mobile app launch complete with water weight gain

Wow. I know a lot of women who would love to see their husbands in this thing. In an effort to gain buy-in from men for the new iPhone app Baby Connection, Nutricia has introduced the “Empathy Suit,” which simulates pregnancy. The Empathy Suit features: a water pump for instant weight gain; air compressors to restrict movement; remote control kicking; and if that’s not bad enough randomized heating for extra discomfort. (Nice work, Nutricia.)

The Nutricia Baby Connection app is designed for couples to share the pregnancy by syncing their experiences through the app. According to Nutricia, male buy-in was not an issue after a short time in the Empathy Suit. This video is a must see.

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