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Röyksopp: It’s What I Want

A little get-back-in-the-swing-of-things music after a long weekend.

Muppets: Green with Envy

How great is this trailer? How bad is it that we have to wait until Thanksgiving to see the movie?


This has absolutely nothing to do with our usual topics: social media tools, trends and interactive marketing. It’s just too funny not to post. Enjoy!

10 ways to be more interesting on Twitter

Great post from our friend Ciaoenrico on tips to be more engaging on Twitter. To us, this isn’t groundbreaking news, but we know how little people know out there and see users screwing up their Twitter every day.  Use these rules to make the most of your 140 characters: you will be amazed how your numbers grow and people start engaging.

Please watch. 10 ways to be more interesting on Twitter.

Happy Anniversary Star Wars!

Attention fellow nerds! On this day in 1977, Star Wars was released! What a month: first May the 4th be with you, now this.

Are you Google ready? Tips on using social sites to optimize your SEO

There are many reasons for a brand to establish a presence on social networks: Customer Relations, Reputation Management, Engagement, and (what we consistently recommend to clients) to increase search engine optimization (SEO). This helpful blog Optimizing Social for SEO: A Three -Step Beginners Guide was recently posted on MediaPost. Here are their tactics that we found quite useful.

  • Claim your social profiles. It’s vital to grabbing your brand name across all social networks. Having a presence on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will instantly increase your visibility on Google by taking advantage of their SEO.
  • Connect your profiles. The blog suggests that after you have claimed all your profiles, to connect them on Google Profile through a few easy steps.
  1. Establish a Google company ID.
  2. Then fill out all the information you can on your Google Profile including all of your associate’s social media profiles.
  • Engage on social media. Follow others and engage with them across your social networks. “After you’ve told Google via the Google Profile what your social media profile IDs are, Google can then make the connection with who the followers of those profiles are — and thus connect them with the social circle.”
Those are just three beginners steps to getting you more Google ready. Check out the original post for more detailed information on how to increase your SEO.

World’s greatest cat video

Designer Derek Roberts‘ and my friendship is based solely on a shared, warped sense of humor that has resulted in a four-year “Cat War.” Said war basically consists of our posting bizarre cat videos on each others Facebook pages. I think I finally took the crown when I found what might be the most amazing cat video ever! (Of course, I could be wrong. There are more than 3.8 million cat videos on YouTube alone.)

12 tips on getting started on Facebook Pages

You’ve finally realized it’s time to get set up a Facebook Page for your brand. And why not? With Facebook’s nearly 700 million users and its updated Pages features, which make marketing a breeze (compared to the olden days…), you’re a fool not to. Having a Facebook presence also takes advantage of their SEO, which will help pop you to to the top of the list on most searches. In fact, Bing have deepened their relationship with Facebook to take “social search” to new heights.

So where do you begin? Here are a few tips on where to start from your friends at BuzzRocket.


  • Establish a Corporate Social Media Policy, which will advise your associates on how to behave online. Example: Bashing the company online is a fireable offense. Click here for a more complete rundown from BusinessWeek.
  • Establish Brand Standards that your associates must adhere to when posting anything on your social properties, or if they are discussing the company on their social sites, they must speak within the brand/communications standards.
  • Set up the Twitter app on all Facebook Pages so that all Facebook Posts automatically get posted onto the respective Twitter page. (We recommend this for the less tech-savvy folks out there. Once you get used to using Facebook and Twitter, you should get set up with a Twitter client like Hootsuite, which will track your tweets, and offers invaluable analytic information.
  • If you are a location-based brand, make sure you list your page as a “Place” so users can check into your branded Page.
  • Sign onto Facebook as your Page and “Like” all the Pages of the brands you work with, or with whom you want to stay in contact. Once you do this, those Page’s posts will appear in the newsfeed and make it easy for you to keep up with what they are posting.
  • Suggest your Page to your friends. Do this via Facebook and by uploading your e-mail lists into Facebook.
  • Identify strategic partners and develop a network on Facebook and request that they send out a message on their Facebook Pages welcoming you to Facebook and suggesting that their fans “Like” your Page.


  • Post frequently. At least once a day. We would suggest 2 posts a day. Say you’re a restaurant operator: Mix it with informative (daily lunch/dinner special), engaging (ask a question: We’re featuring Brancott Sauvignon Blanc this week! What’s your favorite white wine varietal?) Post images with people from your establishment. People like seeing people.Post Events and Images
  • Post sales, specials, news
  • Answer all questions fans and followers ask on Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis
  • Link comments back to other pages (This feature has been disabled over the past few days. We’re hoping it returns!)
  • Reshare  and comment on other Page’s posts that make sense for you. If you are a coffee shop and your local newspaper posts something about the best lattes in the city, you can comment on their post as the coffee shop, which increases your visibility and further markets your brand. RESOURCES – Facebook changes almost on a daily basis. We suggest keeping up with things online since most info out there goes bad quicker than a bottle of red left uncorked overnight.
That should be a good start. Of course there is much more to be done with your Facebook Page, but this is enough to get your page off the ground.

Pizza Box Laptop

Oh wow. Two of my favorite things have gotten together and made a baby: Pizza + Laptop = Greta heaven.  I’m guessing the carpal tunnel is a bitch with this design, but I like where their head’s at.

Via Holy Kaw.

Younicorn: Most hilarious app ever?

OMG. My friend just introduced me to Younicorn, quite possibly the most magical iPhone app on the planet. Younicorn is an app that allows you to transform yourself into a unicorn! There are several background image options. I couldn’t resist the kitty, and have never laughed so hard. For $0.99 you can be a unicorn, too.

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