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New blog: That’s One Dope Ass Canadian Tuxedo

I’m quirky and have a major addiction to starting cultural, viral blogs – think Since Jesus seems to have stopped doing his thing around Los Angeles, I needed to fill that creative, idiosyncratic void. Enter That’s One Dope Ass Canadian Tuxedo – denim on denim, folks.

For those of you who don’t know the Canadian Tuxedo, the Urban Dictionary defines it as, “An outfit consisting of a denim jacket and demin jeans. To spice up the outfit a button down demin shirt may be worn.”

I’m not scared to wear denim head to toe and this site is about celebrating it.

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Front View Boys

Loving this post on our favorite pet project,

Check out the video here, but don’t forget to visit the enormously popular for even more West Hollywood Jesus hilarity!


This has been an incredible week! We met Dave Navarro (been obsessed since I was 13. He took my picture, not the other way around), landed some new clients, partied with Jesus, became the Foursquare mayor of Umami (thank you Hatch Burger addiction), saw old friends and made some new. So what a better way to end the work week than Pee Wee Herman posting this dreamy number on his Facebook fan page.

Now to get Pee Wee to post some episodes of El Hombre and we’re officially happy campers.

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